Why there should be an ‘ Alien Resurrection 2 or Alien 5 ‘ and how! And the obvious but not connection to Prometheus to Alien (1)

Hi Reader

Alien( R. Scot)

Is one of my all time Favorite films followed by Aliens (Cameron)

Alien is one of the most powerful and brilliant films I have ever seen. it is elegant graceful yet dramatic, the script is brilliant , the story the acting all good and most powerful; full of mystery regarding existence creation and how life can or might begin. Or what it could grow to be ( a scary disasor type creature with pure instinct and survival skills with no ” remorse” As the Robot In Alien ‘Ash’ put it.

Such a Creation could have evolved in a similar manner to the Dinosaur on Earth but in a much more severe environment  This makes one feel that maybe such a creation could exist on some planet like LV 426 ?

This Nasa clip is interesting think about it while watching it


Ash also said the creator could not be stopped but in Aliens this clearly was incorrect. Ash thought the creator by Hr Giger was invincible but it was not.

The Alien creator in Alien was dormant in the form a eye; which opened when gas light just above was moved. This would be a survival preservation evolutionary system.  It seemed that the Alien creator had killed all of the’ Engineers’ as named in’ ‘Prometheus’ and had nothing else to destroy or eat . So went into a dormant state waiting for something to disturb this state and awaken the awaiting small Alien creator who appeared to be in a permanent waiting state to pounce on anything else living.

This is clever and observant writing with regard to animal, plant and human evolution even if exaggeretd

Ripley played Sigourney Weaver was perfect casting She came along as  70s/ 80s feminist type as tough as the guys but with a big sense of care and compassion which was a beautiful mixture on screen.

In one scene; when the shuttle breaks down visiting LV 426 the men sort of mock Ripley however, after saying ‘fuck off’ which was masjed by steam from a Pipe. She states that the men will get whats coming to them. The men meant in money . but she meant  during the course of events almost a view into the not so far future. The men laughed as if still mocking. Little did they know Ripley would become the lead character of the entire film and   expedition

Hr Giger’s creator was feminine and brutal. The build of the creator was excellent an actual thing not CGI. The CGI shots in Alien 3 and 4 were not impressive in anyway in act they took power away from the deadly creator  because it did not move well to the eye ; it looked and felt like cartoon.

The setting of deep space was very well portray in all of the films and the scene of space , tempreture and unfamiliar surrounding was put across well which added to the fear factor the film oozed

I have seen it about 12 times and are never bored of it. I see it as moving art.

There was something brilliant about the fim that leaves a deep impression. The film also cleverly left unanswered questions behind for some 20 years. These are only now being answerd by Ridelt Scots new film which is defineatly related to Alien called ‘Prometheus’

Aliens Written (By James Cameron)